Evaluation of banana powder as a natural superdisintegrant biology essay

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Evaluation Of Banana Powder As A Natural Superdisintegrant

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Drug and superdisintegrant as per specified ratio 1: This may be due to sturdiness and high level of adaptability to changing conditions as seen in Gouramis. From the absorbance the solubility of drug was calculated.

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A. The natural Available online Superdisintegrants used were Banana powder, Isphagula Husk powder and Pre- 29/09/ gelatinized starch, Crospovidone and Sodium Starch Glycolate were used as synthetic superdisintegrant. INDO AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH COMPARATIVE STUDY OF NATURAL AND SYNTHETIC SUPERDISINTEGRANTS IN THE FORMULATION OF ORAL DISINTEGRATING TABLETS USING BAMBUTEROL HYDROCHLORIDE AS MODEL DRUG Banana powder and Isphagula husk powder were tried as natural superdisintegrant.

Banana powder being a. Evaluation and Optimization of Piroxicam Fast Dissolving Tablets using Treated Agar as a Natural DisinegrantInternational Research Journal of Pharmacy.

Evaluation Of Banana Powder As A Natural Superdisintegrant

G. Abraham &V. degisiktatlar.comp. The IR spectrum analysis demonstrated that banana powder was compatible with the drug.

These results suggest that banana powder can be used effectively as a superdisintegrant in orally disintegrating tablet formulations. Banana, is a natural product which is available in plenty, economically affordable and has its own nutritional value.

Evaluation of banana powder as a natural superdisintegrant biology essay
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